Propaganda Window (Melbourne) Presents:

NORM / NO-madic Lives

pan-global narratives – multi- City travelling Exhibition: 2012 – 2014


first city – melbourne at Propaganda Window (Melbourne)


Exhibition runs 28 February to 24 March 2012 | Opening Night 2 March 6-9pm (Projections begin at Sunset)

110 Franklin Street Melbourne Victoria Australia 3000





Featured Artists :

hargreaves + mack (uk)

lorna crane (australia)

ghayyan al amine (lebanon)


Video without borders.

This project exhibtion is a reaction to the events of 2011 + draws inspiration from actions of people across the globe who feel they can enact social change.

It is a trans-global cultural exchange of ideas: similarities + disjunctions utilising actual gallery spaces, online promotion and visual interaction.


NORM/No-madic Lives is an self-funded project outside of the traditional modes of gallery representation or control, travelling to Melbourne, LA, Liverpool, Berlin, Beirut and beyond.


“As project Curator + exhibiting artist I am proud that the first exhibtion is in collaboration with Propaganda Window (Melbourne).  NORM/NO-madic Lives will grow, change + morph as the project travels electronically + materially across temporal, national + cultural boundaries.” – Simon Mack


Projecting every night at 110 Franklin Street from dusk till late at 110 Franklin Street Melbourne.


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