Lorna Crane

My approach as a professional artist is process based, experimental and exploratory. Where the search for
that sense of uniqueness over the past 40 years is an essential part in my investigations as a painter,
printmaker and fibre artist. Since moving to the far south coast of NSW Australia 19 years ago my studio
practice has given me the opportunity to delve deeper into my work. During this time my work has been about
the landscape of time and place. To me the places I inhabit are an essential part of the process where that
sense of memory echoes throughout my work. My works speak about moments of time where repeat motifs
are formed in an experiential and gestural manner.

My studio practise at present is exploring uncommon ways of creating unique 2D work and 3D vessel shapes
and forms that embrace ideas of duality. In particular by questioning the contrasting and conflicting mediums in
my choice of materials.

Mediums include the use of found objects, clay slips, acrylic, matt sprays, joint compound and plaster of paris
mixes with earth pigments using organic soya milk as a fixative. Also by pushing some boundaries with
pigmented inks applied to drop cloth then stripped to collage onto plaster vessels to create an wabi wabi
appeal. Techniques include mark making, plaster casting, paper mache, gelli plate printing, hand stitch,
machine stitch, and knitting with plant fibres. The intention is to create textural elements by inviting viewers
into my narrative.

At present my work is inspired by surrounding landscape of the far south coast of NSW Australia. Right now I
am in the process of building a large body of work for a solo exhibition in Sydney early next year. In the
meantime I have been filming my next online course with Fibre Arts Take Two as well as being a member of
Untethered Fibre Artists Inc.