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Perfectly Imperfect is an online course designed to uncover your visual language. I’d love to invite you into my studio and guide you every step of the way through the processes and techniques that I have developed over my 40-year career as an  Australian Contemporary Artist.


This course is specially designed to take you on a journey of discovery. Layered with a new way of thinking and feeling, in the end, you’ll be able to speak confidently about your work, know who you are as an artist and where you want to go.


With 8 modules, 8 hours of footage and 8 weeks of ongoing tuition covering, brushmaking, mark making, collage, hand painting cloth, making sample books, fabric vessels and finished cloth artbooks.


Students are fully supported by the Fibre Arts Take Two team and are invited to join a private Facebook community where you can share your progress directly with me.


Enrolments are open for a limited time.

Discover Your Visual Language 

By experimenting with found objects, mark making, collage, asemic journal writing, hand painting cloth, machine and hand stitch through a series of guided exercises you’ll discover what makes your heart sing.


Make Your Own Brushes 

Creating your own set of beautiful handmade brushes is the first step in unlocking your potential. A time to celebrate and cherish by recording their first marks in your own paper artbook.


Create Objects of Desire 

Surprised at the new level of sophistication in your work, turn your hand-painted cloth into a series of perfectly imperfect scrolls, reference books, vessels and finished artworks that document this special time and place.

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