‘Berlin’ Solo – Opening

‘Berlin’ Solo – Opening

The works now on display at Belconnen Arts Centre till Sunday 14th November.

Sunday 31st October

The opening was an exciting evening with a good crowd and so good to finally see the works on the walls at the Belconnen Arts Centre. The mix with two solos was a success too. The big excitement was finally seeing the projection on the ceiling of the foyer in front of my two canvas works – Kaiser Wilhelm and Potsdamer Platz with MaryannMussared’s vessels on the plinth’s.

There was a very interested group for the artist’s talk. We are now looking forward to the mixed media workshop next weekend with the mixed media workshop booked out.

Invitations have arrived and should all be in the post and distributed by the end of this week. I have also designed a few more invitations with approval from Belconnen Arts Centre to distribute down the coast and during the artist talk and workshop.

The drawings are now completed and the five pieces will be at the framer next week. The large canvas works are just about completed after many months of work and it will be good to see them in the context of the gallery at the end of the month. These images are details only.

New Drawings – details only

Inspired by the arrival from Frankfurt to Berlin via the fast train link to the city and the Mitte during October 2009 around Berlin. These drawings are (h) 15mm x (w) 76mm and are mixed media including ink, chinagraph and pencil on stonehenge.

Media release and promotion finally completed. Who said it was easy being an artist? It’s not just about making the works – it is so much more than that. I must admit that this show has been like going full circle for me as a painter. I have enjoyed making these pictures and the process, although hard at times it has been a stimulating and fulfilling experience.

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