The Hill




Since returning from the Broken Hill residency of 2009/10 my focus continued to respond to Kinchega National Park at Menindee and the Darling River. With a show coming up for March/April 2011 at the Bega Regional Gallery with Poppy Benton, Sue Chancellor and Jen Mallinson I am now immersing myself into the landscape of the area west of the Darling River. In particular places like Mt Gipps Station, Menindee, Kinchega Woolshed, Barraroo and Billilla Stations. I have been able to resource information from the Murray Darling Basin Commission with help from the Library and found some old mapping photographs along with historical background that will support my work

Above shows a series of film stills from these places and the work forms part of a series of short video pieces inspired by these places.

Below are three film stills from ‘The River’ video that will be on show for the Bega Regional Gallery exhibition opening 25th March 2011.

‘River Road’  Video

The making of the video has a focus on mapping, with inspiration from the early Mapping Charts of The Darling from the nineteenth century.

With two residencies to Broken Hill under the belt and some time to think about what I wanted to tell in this video I decided that the reality of making of something happen for the show – with a landscape that seemed to be so different from ours – was overwhelming!

Once I decided on a ‘storyline’ I was able to get my head around where to begin again with more clarity and a fresher approach. I have met with Dr Siwan Lovett from the River Restoration Project and was then able to make links with the Murray Darling Basin Authority then later the National Museum and the National Film and Sound Archive – mainly for copyright information as well as links to place with photographs from 1930. Together with the work of  Broken Hill  poet Barbara De Franceschi  titled ‘River Road’ and the original soundtrack ‘erehwoN’ by Broken Hill composer Craig Freeman the video is now in the final edit stage.

Works on Paper

Along with the video there is a series of works on paper as scrolls (approx 400 mm wide by 4 metres long) suspended from the ceiling. Another series of works on paper in a sepia tone too. These works are evocative of the sense of place that I inhabited during my stay and has lingered with me since my return to the coast. During the second residency last year I was able to return to the banks of the river in three different places. Kinchega National Park at Menindee as well as Barrarroo and Billilla Stations closer to Wilcannia. I also to spent two days along the river with Barbara and Craig to absorb the beauty and the unique qualities of this landscape.

The Exhibition

The show in Bega Regional Gallery >25th March – 7th May. These are a few gallery shots of the show.