The BERLIN Series



As an artist from the Far South Coast of NSW, Lorna Crane spent one month in Berlin as an artist in residence during the autumn of 2009. Her base was the leafy inner city suburb of Wilmersdorf and the Mitte was her playground. It was a significant time to be in Berlin with the 20th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall.

A moving, dynamic and energetic city, Berlin is steeped in history and rich in cultural heritage. Landmarks like the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Cathedral, Reichstag, the Jewish Museum and Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church became a significant part of Crane’s daily journey into the city.

It is through this series of large canvases, drawings and video projections titled ‘echo Nacht – night Echoes’, with a direct response to the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, that the genesis for this series was produced. The artist has spliced fragments of imagery in black and white, reflecting flashback sequences of past and present into a melting pot of imagery questioning the universal ramifications of war. Berlin was both challenging and confronting for the artist but more importantly made her question the futility of such times to create this body of work.

The video installation ‘echo Nacht – night Echoes’ is a collaboration with German composer Professor Andreas Herrmann with his original composition ‘O vos omnes’ from the ‘Stop War’ series. Andreas Herrmann is a Professor of Music and Theatre at the Munich University and is also the Choral Conductor of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra.

‘O vos omnes’ has latin lyrics and is based on a motet by Spanish Renaissance composer Tomas Lins da Victoria (1548 – 1611) with vocals, synthwork arrangements and mix by Andreas Herrmann.

The English lyric translation spoke to the artist about the mood she felt about her response to her time in Berlin in particular the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church –

It is nothing to you

All you who pass by

Look around and see

Is any suffering like my suffering

That was inflicted on me?

Exhibitions included a solo show at Belconnen Arts Centre October/November 2010 and a three window video projection with Melbourne Propaganda Window during November/December 2010.


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