2022 – Infinite Possibilities

INFINITE POSSIBILITIES - Student Exhibition 2022

It gives me great pleasure and delight to present ‘INFINITE POSSIBILITIES’ Student Exhibition 2022. An engaging group with open minds that has embraced the spirit of this course with a willingness to experiment and explore their arts practice with a fresh and open approach as they explored different ways of working. It is with gratitude and pride that each of these artists have trusted me in this, their very own journey of discovery,


For some participants this may be their first experience of exhibiting, whilst other mixed media artists have decided to explore fibre art for the first time. I am both humbled and proud of those that took the time to submit works to be presented in this online exhibition. It was a delight to see their eagerness to push boundaries by getting out of their comfort zone from the very start, with a desire to explore their own visual language. Where infinite possibilities became a cornerstone in their artistic aspirations now and forging into the future.


It has been a journey based around ‘time and place’ with the connection to their surrounding landscape and environment where potent moments of clarity came from a deep and personal level, by creating works from bold and brave heartfelt places. Where the narratives turned into those light bulb moments that made their hearts sing. Confidence and courage choed with that ‘why not and what if’ approach by just giving it a try, by breaking some rules, embracing imperfections and to reveal special unique qualities with their strong investigative approach has excited and inspired me most of all.


Now please take your time to view these inspirational works created by the participants of the Perfectly Imperfect 2022 online course. It is with pride and gratitude that each of these artists have trusted me in this journey of infinite possibilities.


With special thanks and gratitude to the Fibre Arts Take Two team – in particular Angela Truscott, Ursula Beeston and Tara Axford – for making this online exhibition come to life and by bringing fibre arts alive with a fresh, inspiring and stimulating way.


Lorna Crane

September 2022

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