2021 – Delving Deeper

‘DELVING DEEPER’ Into Our Visual Language

Please take some time by ‘Delving Deeper’ into the inspirational works created by participants of the Perfectly Imperfect 2021 online course. 

Sit down and flip through these pages and delight how this supportive group took their own time to explore their own visual language journey.

It has been an absolute pleasure to spend time with these artists that were open to being brave, bold and willing to discover their unique voice that speaks about inner truth and the passion to create.

For some participants it was their first experience of exhibiting and for others it was their shared desire to venture into the arena of fibre art for the first time. But it was their eagerness to delve deeper to find their own visual language – in their own way, own pace to explore their unique visual language that excited me most of all. 

I am both humbled and proud of those that took the time to submit works as part of this online exhibition and to be presented in this book. As a tutor this was a great opportunity to share my story, along with the huge learning curves and processes (both good and bad) that have guided me as an artist for the past 40 years. 

We explored many questions about finding the confidence and courage to trust the process and to take that leap of faith – echoed in that ‘aha’ I can do this – where that light bulb moment made that switch within by making something that made your heart sing. This came with being brave and by taking bold steps in the many forms of experimentation within the course. To learn that being perfect is a barrier and by breaking some rules and embracing imperfections will bring out that special unique quality that most artists aspire in their making.

It is with gratitude and pride that each of these artists have trusted me in this – their very own journey of discovery. 

With special thanks and gratitude to the Fibre Arts Take Two team – in particular Angela Truscott and Ursula Beeston – for making this online exhibition and book come to life. The support, encouragement, guidance and professionalism within the group and the ongoing support for me as a tutor has been exceptional.

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