Norm/No-Madic Lives Trailer > Pan-Global Launch Melbourne

Norm/No-Madic Lives Trailer > Pan-Global Launch Melbourne

Curated by UK artist Simon Mack  >  videos by

Hargreaves and Mack – UK

Lorna Crane – Australia

Ghayyan Al Amine – Shortfuse Films (Lebanon)

LAUNCH  –  Propaganda Window Melbourne

Friday 2nd March

27th Feb > 14th March

 Propaganda Window  is a dynamic video projection space in CBD Melbourne, Australia



Initial Trailer video for Project – “NORM/NO-madic Lives”
travelling art exhibition for multi-city exhibition + online channel 2012 / 2013.
project to include all or some of the following cities- Melbourne, LA, Liverpool, Berlin, Beirut
featured artist images to be added to this trailer shortly
music : Alexkid (Tiga -aciddeathrave remix). we like ..

the key themes of “NORM/No-madic Lives” is that of trans-global cultural exchange of ideas : their similarities + disjunctions utilising actual gallery spaces + online promotion + interaction
web-site interaction) in new + innovative modes of cultural exchange across borders

artists so far :Hargreaves + Mack (uk), Lorna Crane (australia), Shortfusefilm (lebanon), Dima Hourani (palestine). more artists to be added in due course.

“NORM/No-madic Lives” is an self-funded project utilisiing digital media, communication + expression outside of the traditional modes of gallery representation or control..

the first confirmed city + venue is :
Propaganda Window – melbourne, a dynamic video projection space in central Melbourne Australia  http://propagandawindow.com/
blog :http://www.artreview.com/profiles/blogs/normnomadic-lives-panglobal



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