New Work from the Studio

New Work from the Studio


When you are in that in between period of limbo where no shows are booked and a residency is about to happen it is a just the perfect time to explore new possibilities by letting yourself loose in the studio and exploring the stuff of nothing in particular by just allowing the paint to flow through you.

The work is all about nothing and a search for everything at the same time. The detail above is part of a series of large works on canvas exploring this theme. Layer upon layer of paint has been placed onto the canvas in an abstract gestural manner with a build up of interesting textures and marks on a collage of canvas on canvas – then paint scraped back, rubbed into, painted over, scratched into, glazed over then drawn over the top of the subtle limited pallete with a marker.

Twelve more works are in the studio drying right now ranging from small to medium works. One large work is now finished. Long days in the studio but it has been an interesting interlude of work for me.



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