Melbourne Propaganda Window and Blender Projekts proudly present

Melbourne Propaganda Window and Blender Projekts proudly present


echo Nacht – night Echoes

Opening Night Friday 19 November 6-9pm

110 Franklin Street Melbourne

echo Nacht – night Echoes is a direct, responsive video installation that travels through media and the alternate histories of Crane’s recent journey to Berlin.

Twenty-one years ago the Berlin Wall fell, giving birth to the reunification of contemporary Germany. During her 2009 residency in Berlin, Crane was confronted by the remnants of its war torn history and by the new identity of Berlin that had sprung forth since the collapse of the infamous Wall. Crane spent a month in this moving, dynamic and energetic city, traversing daily through the Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin Cathedral, the Reichstag, the Jewish Museum and the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. With each daily journey into the city via these historic beacons, the universal ramifications of war echoed loudly to Crane.

It is nothing to you

All you who pass by

Look around and see

Is any suffering like my suffering

That was inflicted on me?

So moved by her Berlin experience that Crane utterly changed her artistic practice, moving into the fluidity of video and also enlisting the genius of German composer Professor Andreas Herrmann, to develop echo Nacht – night Echoes to its full potency. In the upcoming November exhibition, Crane eloquently fuses the past, present, ready-made and online collaboration together in each of the three projections and intimate installation at Melbourne Propaganda Window and Blender Projekts.

Crane’s echo Nacht – night Echoes drops a tactile, haunting and playful comment on the futility of human conflict to a Melbourne audience ready for a carefree summer.

So listen out for the echo Nacht – night Echoes set to resonate at 110 Franklin Street every night from sunset across November and December.

Michael Meneghetti

Melbourne Propaganda Window

110 Franklin Street, Melbourne 3000

[email protected]

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