Career Highlights

– being an artist is mostly a delightful struggle that has been a part of who I am since picking up a pencil and drawing as a child. It is something that I need to do. It is instinctual and a part of my being. Looking back I can remember winning my first art prize at 5 years old and just knowing that I was going to be an artist.

– graduating from University of Wollongong was the huge turning point of my career. It was a growth period that has opened my eyes to my own and others potential.

– being involved with artist run initiatives since the early eighties has been an education in itself. It has enabled me to make work without compromise. My arts network has been enriched with friends and acquaintances that has deepened the way I think and feel about my work and where I will take it in the future

– creating the inclusive Open Art Program for Mental Health in Belconnen ACT

– awarded the Sir William Keyes Churchill Fellowship 2002 and travelling to USA, Canada and the UK researching community arts and mental health best practices.

– setting up my purpose built studio in South Pambula

– joint winning the Calleen Acquisition 2008 with Wendy Teakel

– living my dream of visiting Berlin and to see the contemporary art that has informed my arts practice since the early ’80’s then to gather material for a new body of work. To stand on Unter Den Linden at Brandenburg Gate as a witness to the 20 year Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall on the Day of Unity was awesome.

– completing the short video ‘echo Nacht – night Echoes’ for the Berlin solo with the collaboration with German composer Andreas Herrmann for the solo show ‘Berlin’ in Canberra and then taking it to Melbourne completing a three screen projection for a show with Melbourne Propaganda Window in 2010. It later toured to New Zealand for a short film festival and is now part of the 15 Second Place project on the ACMI website (Australian Centre for the Moving Image).