Brush Making Workshops

About the WORKSHOPS 

‘For well over three years now I have been making handmade brushes in a variety of mediums in all shapes and sizes. From gathering native plant fibres, found materials and feathers I would then bind onto driftwood, pre-loved brush handles, found objects, twigs or bamboo. It became apparent to me that each brush that was made held its own story. The story of the places I have walked, inhabited and the landscape of where I live.

It was my intent to push the act of mark making further by creating a more personalized approach to my own visual lexicon. By using the brushes it was like unlocking a language with each brush holding its own unique feel and quality. But it was the unknown or unexpected mark that each brush made that pushes oneself out of a comfort zone that was appealing – the loss of control and a new found freedom was what excited me most of all. To then connect with drawing again in a fresh and exciting way. The brush becoming my keeper of memories – of both remembered times and places.

Brush making is very much a synthesis for me – from the utilitarian and rudimentary forms and approach within many mediums – to a journey rich in discovery. The mark making process becoming a conversation between each brush and its maker. From the making of the first marks, to the shapes and forms flowing within their unexpected language onto the paper, canvas, board or cloth. Revealing subtle delicate marks, along with the calligraphic, bold and unexpected qualities of the brush embedded instinctually in each work. For me they speak both ‘of the land and from the land’.

It became obvious to me through this form of exploration that artists have this inherent and instinctual desire to create their own unique visual language through a variety of mediums – the act of mark making with handmade brushes has mapped new territory. A narrative to be continued…….’